Business Engagement

At Business Durham, we passionately dedicate ourselves to the growth and development of countless companies throughout the expanse of County Durham annually.

Our commitment runs deep, and we don’t merely interact with businesses; we form lasting and meaningful relationships. These are bonds built on trust, respect, and mutual ambition. By becoming an integral part of their journey, we position ourselves as their steadfast ally, meticulously working to not only amplify their growth but also to strengthen their pathway towards achieving long-standing success.

Understanding that every business is unique, with its own set of aspirations and hurdles, we’ve crafted our solutions to be versatile and adaptive. This bespoke approach guarantees that each enterprise, no matter how niche or complex its needs, discovers a solution with us that feels tailored just for them. We recognise the uncertainties that businesses often face, especially in dynamic environments. If you find yourself questioning the kind of assistance or direction your business should take, take solace in knowing that many share your sentiments. At Business Durham, you are never alone in this journey. Our team of dedicated professionals is always on standby, ready to guide, mentor, and support, ensuring you navigate your business landscape with confidence.

Tailored Business Support

We can offer tailored support to meet business needs, so if you’re unsure about the kind of support you’re looking for, contact us. We can help with:

  • Seamless access to Durham County Council services.
  • Expertise in securing finances.
  • Varied accommodation options, from contemporary office spaces to expansive industrial units.
  • Comprehensive support in recruitment, skill evaluation, and training.
  • Assistance in pinpointing suppliers, customers, and competitors.
  • Facilitated introductions to leading universities and research institutes.
  • Insightful details on regional and national programmes.
  • Dedicated support programmes catering to diverse stages of your business lifecycle.

Harnessing our deep-rooted understanding of the county, we excel in connecting the dots and unveiling growth opportunities tailored to your business. Our dedication extends to supporting inward investors, championing innovation, and fostering enterprise.

Discover the difference Business Durham can make. Reach out to us and explore the myriad ways we can elevate your business.

Business premises

Finding the right business space is an essential part of your plans to thrive and grow. At Business Durham, we have commercial property to suit all your needs.

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County Durham business networks

County Durham is a great location to do business as the wide variety of business network groups operating across the area demonstrate.

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Thinking about exporting

Here at Business Durham, we are here to help you if you are considering exporting your products or services. Our operations team will work with you to identify the right options.

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Durham County Council services

Durham County Council provides a number of services for businesses, including statutory services like licensing and planning. Business Durham can help you find the right contact quickly.

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Business park communities

Business Durham has helped create several thriving business park communities, enabling like-minded businesses to network, share knowledge and speak with a united voice.

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Key account management

Key Account Management is a key service for both UK and foreign-owned companies that are strategic to the region.

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