Plans In For £75m Durham University Business School

Plans In For £75m Durham University Business School

Plans to transform the site of the former Durham Baths into a £75m business school for the city's university have been revealed.

Located along the Elvet Waterside, the site building earmarked for demolition is a non-designated heritage asset and has been vacant and derelict since July 2008, when replacement facilities were provided at Freemans Quay Leisure Centre.

Constructed in 1932, it is considered to be in "very poor condition" with missing and broken windows, organic growth through the roofs, windows and walls, and rot to the timber work.

Also on the plot are Vennel Cottage and a host of grade II-listed properties, including 42, 47-49 and 50-51 Old Elvet.

Proposed is the construction of a Durham University Business School building along Elvet Waterside, which will replace the former baths site, as well as transforming Vennel Cottage into a café, 42, 50 and 51 Old Elvet into a trio of residential properties and refurbishing 47-49 Old Elvet as a start-up business incubator associated with the proposed school.

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