• Amazing Networking – Why it Matters

    Amazing Networking – Why it Matters

    Join Jeni Smith as she delves into the power of networking, knowledge transfer, and effective relationship management. The content has been selected to provide delegates with the tools and ideas to scale their businesses through effective networking activities.


    The Principles of Networking

    The foundations of networking and how and why we give/receive referrals

    The Power of Networking

    A look at academic research showcasing the power of networking for career progression and large organisations

    Network Diversity

    How speaking to people who know things you don’t know can impact you, and your organisation

    Innovation through Conversation

    Sparking new ideas and problem solving through our networks

    Connection Marketing

    Building your brand by being nice!


    Why are you networking and what do you expect in return


    Mapping out your existing networks to spot gaps and develop strategy

    Networking Ecosystem

    An introduction to the networking ecosystem and how to navigate your way around it

    Relationship Management

    Practical steps to get the most from networking events, as well as nurture the relationships long term


    Jeni Smith has over 16 years’ experience in networking strategy and is currently embarking on a PhD at Durham University researching the relationship between networking event anatomy and entrepreneurial narratives.

    During her career, Jeni has won several awards in enterprise including being named one of the Future 100 Young Entrepreneurs in the UK, winning the Growth Accelerator Programme, and becoming a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2021 & 2022, and has been named by The Telegraph and NatWest as one of their 100 Women to Watch.

    Between 2017-2019 she conducted two rounds of academic research with Durham University, exploring her unique, strategic business networking model. The research results spurred her on to launch NetKno and are what we now use to develop our

    bespoke networking strategies.

    Jeni truly believes that networking has the ability to change people’s lives, unlock hidden potential, spark world-changing ideas and be the catalyst for positive change: all starting with a simple “Hello”.

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