• Bid Writing Masterclass

    Bid Writing Masterclass
    Masterclass helping you get expertly prepared to bid for contracts

    What’s it all about?

    Our event will help you get expertly prepared to bid for public sector opportunities. We will help you improve the quality of your bids helping you compete for more opportunities. Our full-day session will focus on what you write and how to write to gain the most impact within tight word counts. This will help you build compelling bids whatever the bidding process or structure.

    Our masterclass will:

    – Help you fully understand the requirement and what public buyers want

    – Help you understand “Why us” and how to use that to make your bid stand out

    – Help you understand the client

    – Help you identify and build on your key tendering strengths

    – Help you understand the Invitation To Tender

    Who should attend?

    Anyone interested in doing business with the public sector.

    Who’s delivering the event?

    Our event will be led by Garry Stone, Director of B2B North. Garry has helped businesses of all types and size win millions of pounds of contracts and tenders across the region. As a business owner Garry understands the challenges and issues from a practical perspective.

    Lunch will be provided as part of the full-day session.

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