• Building a Meaningful Brand

    Building a Meaningful Brand

    Brand, brand, brand. It can all get a bit much when even your slippers have a story – that’s why we’ve invited expert Mark Shayler to share how to build a meaningful brand, having helped the likes of Brother, Teapigs, All-Plants, Bombay Sapphire and Welsh Water to create strong identities founded on purpose.

    In this half-day session, Mark will show how by believing in something bigger than yourself you can build your brand on solid rock and meaning. This is particularly relevant now given that your customer has changed massively over the last five years. During the session you will learn how to

    • Active your purpose and instil a sense of belonging through your brand
    • Make your brand more relevant by understanding what your customer needs
    • Turn your brand from ‘me’ to ‘we’, helping to create a ecosystem where your team and customers do your marketing for you
    • Build a brand based on beliefs not customer segments
    • Navigate the marketing revolutions
    • Keep your brand relevant

    Designed for both business leaders and their teams, come along and find out how you can start building a meaningful brand.

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