• Building your business on Solid Foundations Webinar

    Building your business on Solid Foundations Webinar

    Having the idea for your business is what excites you, planning the foundations of that business can be challenging, not to mention time-consuming. Without a strong foundation, that fantastic idea may not go the distance. Whether you are a founder with a new business to get off the ground or already up and running and experiencing success, this webinar is for you.

    Join Jordan Dargue, the SuperNetwork’s Head of Access to Finance, along with legal and finance experts Ward Hadaway and Blu Sky. Their valuable advice will help you navigate the growing pains and safeguard your business from the outset. The session will cover:

    • What structure should my business be and what to consider if I intend to scale?
    • Who might the stakeholders of my business be and how to form those important third-party relationships?
    • What should I consider when hiring my first employee?
    • What happens when someone wants to exit the business?