• DABS Business Ethics

    DABS Business Ethics

    Business ethics are the principles that can help you to guide your business to make a positive impact through your decisions and actions.

    It goes beyond legal requirements and is about the behaviours that you demonstrate, underpinned by your values. This isn’t an added extra, but a key driver which can increase your productivity, improve morale and enhance your reputation in the marketplace giving you a real edge.

    Our interactive workshop will support your leadership development, helping you to define your values and purpose, communicate effectively and build an ethical culture within your business.

    The workshop will include:

    • Business ethics
    • Ethical dilemmas & decision making
    • Ethical entrepreneurship
    • Mindset and behaviour
    • What makes up an ethical business
    • Caring design, People, Planet, Profit
    • Examples and case studies
    • Actions Plans

    This event is delivered online using Zoom.

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