• Data and Technology: How to embed it in your SME

    Data and Technology: How to embed it in your SME

    Are you curious about where AI can fit into your existing SME, but you are not sure where to start, or even if it is relevant to your business? Do you simply want to understand about artificial intelligence and how it could be applied in your business, to then think about how it could be implemented, or would you like to start with some simple ways of introducing instant reporting, analysis and data visualisation?

    Do you want to unlock the power of data to increase productivity, efficiency, and real time monitoring to unlock knowledge, and redirect your human resources to where they are most needed?

    If you are an SME, here are some questions you can ask

    • Do you rely on web databases to sell and buy goods? Do you have several departments, who would all like to know what is going on at top level and department level across the business, to be better informed about intelligence? Do you work within a complex stakeholder environment, where you need to be kept in the loop in terms of actions? Are you concerned about cyber security, IP, and other areas?

    • Do you want to instantly analyse data coming in from hard to reach locations, such as sub surface, remote and rural areas, subsea, amongst others to then learn how to detect faults, determine risks, and provide renewals before components fail, in the same way that the car industry does?

    • Are your phones constantly ringing? Do you want to understand more about automation, to help with customer service and link up end to end service? Do you want to improve upon faults and waiting times?

    • Do you want to understand how machine learning can help you with your internet transactions and intelligence, to help with photo, text, video and other types of recognition, or cyber security, fraud prevention, ecommerce upselling, speech and face recognition and more?

    Whether you work in a customer focused environment or you deal with businesses, there will be a use for data analytics and/or machine learning in your business. AI can link up with sensors to provide even more powerful data learning, such as car parks telling you they are full, transport being re-directed, number plate recognition, genomic sequencing, autonomous vehicle development, virtual assistants and chat bots, and more.

    Join this workshop to unlock the power of data for your business. Learn when and where to apply it to make better use of your human talent in the pursuit of growth and innovation in your business. Learn about its power to improve productivity and efficiency and visualise how it might allow you to transform your business and implement a new design for your business.


    About Your trainers

    We welcome experts in the fields of machine learning, AI and data analytics to the session to provide you with a supportive workshop which will inspire you to re-visit your business with a view to step change transformation, product extensions, new process implementation, or new service creation. All experts have been carefully selected, as they have worked with businesses such as your business or sector, and they have consultancy experience and case studies to help you understand how data, AI and machine learning can be of real value to your business.

    Your trainers for this workshop will be:

    Dr Annalisa Occhipinti

    Dr Alessandro Di Stefano


    Your trainers for other workshops will be:

    Masood Zaka

    Dr Vasileios Panagiotis Lenis

    Dr Ala Al Kafri

    Dr Sina Joneidy

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