• Data Science Workshop

    Data Science Workshop

    Have you ever wondered what Data Science is and what it can do for your company? In this three hour workshop we will explore Data Science.

    Data Science involves developing methods of gathering, storing and analysing data to effectively report and understand useful information. It continues to evolve as one of the most in-demand and resourceful ways of managing and understanding your data and involves data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI), scientific methods, to extract value from data.

    With guest speakers Dr Ala Al Kafri and Dr Sina Joneidy, in this three hour workshop we will show you what Data Science is from Data Analytics to Artificial Intelligence and introduce you to the various stages within Data Science. We will explore Data Science fully to equip you with the knowledge to identify which would be advantageous for you to use, which may be each element or just one.

    You will hear from other companies about how and why they are using Data Science and how this is effective for their company.

    Each day your company could be creating huge volumes of data and it is now more important than ever to interpret this correctly to make informed decisions.

    Why not join us and hear from our team of experts on the many different aspects of Data Science and how this can be utilised within your company.

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