Design and Create – Imagination, Ideas – Design!

Design and Create – Imagination, Ideas – Design!
This event is for ANY COUNTY DURHAM SME.

Who is this event for?

• This is for you if you are in any consumer goods sector, any service sector, or process industry, creative industry, or any other area and you are a County Durham SME. In fact, if you are interested in this session, sign up!

• If you have challenges in your business that you want to explore. It does not matter how small or large your challenge is, and it could be anything or everything. We are going to totally re-frame these challenges, using design discovery methods.

• You want to learn some initial steps towards design discovery, which you can later explore in depth at further workshops.

• Anyone who wants to know how anything can be possible.

In this taster event we discover just how many ideas we can come up with, using a variety of fun and creative discovery methods that anyone can use, not just professional designers. In this event you can turn dreams into visions, irritations into opportunities, and challenges into goals and visions.

Bring a notebook, as we delve into some great problem-solving scenarios. This session is for any SME, irrespective of what you make or do now. You may be taking away the start of some exciting ideas for tomorrow.

For this session you don’t need special skills, or training at all. This creative session isn’t sector specific either, or qualification specific. Think big and bring your imagination.

What you will get from this session

You will enjoy applying basic creative exploration methods, used by the professionals in a series of simple and fun exercises. You will realise your ‘inner designer and innate creativity.’

You will free up your thinking from current challenges and realise just how creative you can be.

You will come up with numerous ideas and areas for further exploration, and you will find out about the support on offer to drive your creativity and ideas forward.

You will start to realise your own potential and that of your business, so that you wake up excited at the possibilities of new or better products, processes and services, irrespective of where you are starting from and what experiences and skills you bring with you.

• 4-5 1 Hour Creativity Session

• 5-5.30 Creative Review and Questions

• 5.30 – 6pm DFIB and other support, networking, questions

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