• DFIB Innovation and Transformation Sales and Marketing Strategy Workshop

    DFIB Innovation and Transformation Sales and Marketing Strategy Workshop
    An intensive, personal and rewarding session to discover the directions you would like to take for your business.

    This workshop offers you an intensive, personal and rewarding session to discover the reasons for your business, the directions you would like to take and the components you will need to consider to reach your goals, create your vision and position yourself in your market, whilst always creating your business future.

    • The workshop explores your current position and why people buy or will buy from you. This helps you to explore their commercial decisions and moves you on from their needs to truly appreciating what they buy, why they buy it and what problem it is solving. This is where your price and positioning need to be analysed in relation to commercial markets.

    • You discover or rediscover your core values, to help you understand whether your business is aligned to those values. Values are an important factor in your success and whether you reach your goals in all aspects of life and business. They give your business a purpose, a brand, and this can differentiate your business and you from your competitors.

    • You look at wider commercial markets, trends, and directions in markets, to explore the opportunities and challenges to your vision, whether that is from competition, disruption, technology, environmental change and so on. You also understand what you need from your employees, to allow your company to reach your vision.

    • The route you take to market as important as your ability to reach your goals. It needs to be considered carefully, along with the most appropriate method of communicating your proposition.

    Who will benefit?

    For early stage SME adopters of innovation

    • The workshop is an ideal steppingstone for innovators who would like to position a new product, process, or service in a new market.

    For SMEs to rediscover their core values, brand, and opportunities

    • The workshop is ideal for any business that has lost its direction, requires a different approach, or it now needs to set some goals. The workshop complements the DFIB programme design thinking workshops by focusing on further routes into innovation, from a strategic marketing perspective.

    This is for SMEs who are missing future opportunities and markets

    • If you are concentrating on business as usual, this is time to stop and think about what will affect your business in the future, in five or ten years time.

    A bit about the Durham Future Innovation Building Programme

    The programme has been designed to encourage step changes, transformations, new products, redesigned products, and services and more. Workshops focus on creative design thinking, based on needs, and commercial opportunities which come from many sources. This is your opportunity to fully investigate greening your products, step change, extensions, new brands and more. From an action plan you can apply for research and development funding to enable experts to co-create your ideas. Find out more

    About Graham Robson, Business Doctors

    Graham, has extensive experience of growing successful companies in the oil and gas industry globally. He is able to bring a wealth of experience and methods to grow a business quickly, whether it is for the formation of new to market products, processes and service creation, business transformation, or growth strategies. Graham Robson now works with Business Doctors to offer his experience and advice to businesses on a consultation basis. He joins a team of highly experienced professionals, who offer health checks, events and consultancy to support business growth.

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