DFIB Innovation Strategy Masterclass and Workshop

DFIB Innovation Strategy Masterclass and Workshop
Gain insight into Innovation Strategy

This event is for County Durham SMEs that want an innovation strategy, and a creative business direction to enable business longevity, success, growth and diversification and some incredibly exciting goals and opportunities. It is not to be missed. Register for the masterclass and workshop now.

You will gain knowledge on developing an innovation strategy.

This workshop is part of the Durham Future Innovation Building Programme.


Section ONE

Explaining Innovation

• Innovation context, new to me, new to the world, failing to succeed.

• The challenges of business innovation.

• Reasons to innovate,

• Types of innovation, Incremental to radical and disruptive


Section TWO

Developing an innovation strategy.

• Examples from start-ups to corporates and methodology for business transformation as a continuous process to drive projects and innovation.

• Innovation roles

• Intellectual property

• Measuring outcomes and impact

• How can innovation be framed to aid the design and creative process your business?


This event is delivered by a world class design thinking expert with an impressive range of experience in design. He has been an Associate for the Design Council, designed many new products, transformed services, delivered business design programmes, and worked with many businesses.

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