• DFIB IP and Patent Workshop One

    DFIB IP and Patent Workshop One

    Ward Hadaway LLP are experts in helping businesses to identify, protect, exploit and defend their intellectual property (IP) rights and in supporting businesses to obtain value from their IP using commercial agreements or technology licences..

    This series of workshops, presented by speakers from Ward Hadaway, will help you to understand what IP rights your business owns in the technology that you have developed and how to defend and commercialise your IP. Using case studies and real life examples relevant to your particular industry, they will also help you to identify and decide on the right strategies to use in developing your own approach to maximising the value of IP in your business.

    The first workshop will provide the facts about what Intellectual Property is and how to best identify and protect it and will answer common questions regarding intellectual property, for example:

    • Is my idea patentable

    • What is the best way to protect my brand

    • Who owns the IP that my business uses

    • How long do IP rights last

    • Can I safely share my idea with people I am talking to

    • How can I protect my IP in different countries around the world

    The second workshop, held on the 29th of March, will provide the information and tools to enable you to efficiently identify how you can gain value from or commercialise your IP, and put in place the right strategies to develop and expand your technology effectively.

    Subsequent workshops on 07.06.22, 12.07.22, 22.11.22 and 07.02.23, will cover IP issues that are relevant to specific sectors and will go into more detail on issues such as technology licencing and how to police and enforce IP rights.

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