• DFIB User Experience (UX) Research Workshop

    DFIB User Experience (UX) Research Workshop
    Introduction and best practices of UX Research 

    About this event

    Target audience: SME’s who want to learn about UX research, and how to use it in their everyday work.

    This event is for County Durham SMEs that want to develop and improve their digital products by putting their audience at the centre of their decisions.

    The success of digital and other products comes from understanding the needs of people who will use them. There are a number of research techniques that can help identify those needs. Techniques such as:

    ● What tasks are your potential audience trying to achieve

    ● Are they currently solving their problem?

    ● What’s not working for them

    ● What can be improved to give them a better experience

    This masterclass will give an introduction to UX research, highlighting some of the main techniques and a demonstration of some of these techniques in practice.

    Section 1

    ● Into to qualitative research

    ● Semi structured interviews

    Section 2

    ● User observations

    ● User journey mapping

    Section 3

    ● Usability testing, to include; card sorting, tree testing, first click testing

    ● Key takeaways and resources links

    Jamie Campbell

    User Experience Designer

    Jamie is an experienced UX practitioner. He has worked with a variety of large and small organisations to help improve their user experience. Organisations such as Capita Government Services, British Library’s Business & IP Centre, The Department for International Trade and Newcastle University have all benefited from Jamie’s work.

    Putting the customers at the heart of design decisions, Jamie has in-depth and practical knowledge of the methods and tools to enable a great user experience.

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