• Digital Drive – Introduction To Social Media Graphics

    Digital Drive – Introduction To Social Media Graphics

    The days where you struggle with designing social media graphics, appealing business cards, or eye-catching email banners are truly over thanks to the amazing design tool, Canva. This 2-hour introductory webinar will introduce you to the free web tool and application, and show you how to get stuck into its core features and functionalities to improve your design skills and efficiency when it comes to creating promotional content for your business.

    This webinar is an introduction to the tool and is therefore perfect for those who are new to Canva or have just started using the tool. It’s equally ideal for those who are wanting to recap some features of the tool that they feel they might have previously overlooked – such as the Brand Kit, Folders, and Saved/Favourited items.


    Key takeaways are:

    • Understand the basic use of the design tool and how to navigate the interface

    • Identify the importance of brand consistency and form when it comes to designing for your business

    • Learn how to utilise the design templates that Canva provides you with (for free!)

    • Explore ways in which you can make your own templates in Canva to recycle for consistent and efficient design

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