• Digital Drive – Mailchimp – turning contacts into sales

    Digital Drive – Mailchimp – turning contacts into sales

    Aimed at giving you the best practices and turning your contacts into sales, this workshop will focus more on the strategy and tips that make your emails land in inboxes, get opened, and more so get clicked! This isn’t “how to set up mailchimp”, this IS going to make you think of the key ingredients to ensure a platform like mailchimp makes your emails rock!

    Full of technical insight and best practices, this workshop will look at how email marketing can be used strategically to power growth and how to track ROI and performance of a marketing campaign. Delivered by Jonny Ross, this session will help with understanding the steps needed to design your email campaigns, teaching you practical and useful tips which you can implement straight away!

    Learn how to get your emails opened, clicked on and kept out of spam!


    • Email Basics
    • Email Best Practices
    • Technical Considerations
    • Building your audience
    • Killer subject lines
    • Visually Strong Design
    • Landing Pages
    • Tracking / Measuring ROI
    • Examples
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