• Digital Drive – The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

    Digital Drive – The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertising

    In this session we’ll be sharing with you some top tips on how to get the very best from your adverts on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll explain how Facebook’s review process works, what Facebook expects and how to make sure your ads pass the review process. We’ll also share with you some best practices when running ads, how to evaluate the results based on your ad objectives and how to tailor and optimize your campaigns to your audience.


    • Facebook’s Ad Policies
    • Gain valuable insights
    • Evaluate results based on ad objectives
    • Tailor your campaign to your audience
    • Optimise your ad creative
    • Ads reporting best practices

    Bullet points / Take aways

    • Incorporate strategies to build ads that comply with Facebook advertising policies
    • Understand what works and what doesn’t when setting up and running ads
    • Planning campaigns based on your business goals
    • Test, monitor and refine your campaigns based on performance
    • Evaluating your results and best practices for ads reports
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