• DIRDI’s Impact & Invention Conference 2024

    DIRDI’s Impact & Invention Conference 2024

    DIRDI’s Impact & Invention Conference 2024 serves as a dynamic platform for researchers, fellows, and industry collaborators to showcase their pioneering work across multiple science disciplines. Inventive technologies, concepts, and ideas are shared, demonstrating the impact that scientific research at Durham University can have on industry. Common themes include the exploration of physical, chemical, or biological phenomena to engineer sensing technologies involving light, sound, or magnetism and the development of information engineering techniques to better measure and understand the physical world.

    Academics and industrial scientists have been invited to the conference to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and to establish a cooperative network that extends beyond academic boundaries, including industry partners within the North East and beyond.

    DIRDI aspires to act as an open gateway for individuals with inventive ideas, or simply those looking for inspiration, to engage and learn from research activities being conducted within the academic and business communities in the North East.

    We hope that this conference encourages industrial partners to recognise the latent potential of technological development at Durham University and facilitates academics to realise the commercial potential of their own scientific discoveries. The essence of DIRDI’s mission in promoting genuine scientific discovery, coupled with commercial technological development, while nurturing scientific talent is to be showcased at the Impact & Invention Conference 2024.

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