• Japan Offshore Wind Country Briefing Webinar

    Japan Offshore Wind Country Briefing Webinar

    The Japanese government is targeting 820 MW of offshore wind by 2030, while the Japanese Wind Power Association has proposed a 10 GW by 2030. Currently, there are over 5 GW of projects in the pipeline, with the first commercial size project entering construction in 2020. We can expect capacity to increase, as new offshore wind promotion zones are confirmed by the government and floating technology develops. With foreseen rapid construction over the next decade, international cooperation can be expected in almost every aspect of the supply chain.

    Come along and join this webinar to find out more about the Japan offshore wind market and supply chain opportunities for your business.

    09:00 NOF Welcome
    09:05 Sponsor Welcome – ODE Ltd
    09:10 Japan Offshore Wind overview
    09:30 Discussion and Q&A
    10:00 Event close

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