• Low Carbon Construction: Opportunities and Challenges

    Low Carbon Construction: Opportunities and Challenges

    This webinar will bring together major contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors with energy efficiency, environmental and EV experts to discuss how the construction sector (and its supply chain) can contribute to carbon reduction and improved environmental performance.

    The built environment is one of the major contributors to carbon emissions, and the government have set legally binding objectives (through the Climate Change Act) to achieve net zero by 2050 based on 1990 baseline. The construction, operation and maintenance of the built environment accounts for between 40 – 45% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Customers and stakeholders are therefore increasingly interested in processes, materials and innovations which reduce carbon emissions.

    By attending this event you will:
    – Discover how your organisation can respond to a request from a client about your carbon
    – Understand the scale of the carbon issue, and where priorities lie through the capture and
    analysis of data.
    – Learn how to report your organisation’s carbon and where to get correct data from.
    Communicate your organisation’s positive impact to win new business
    – Learn more about energy efficiency and how your business can lower costs and increase bottom
    line profit
    – Explore options for adopting electric
    – Learn what the Environment Bill means for your business and implications for the whole
    construction supply chain

    We will be joined by:
    Tracy Millmore – Electric Vehicle Project Officer – Durham County Council
    Caroline Hearne – Business Energy Efficiency Project Manager – Durham County Council
    James Staniforth – Sustainable Business Services (Houghton-le-Spring)
    Scott Duncan – Elmtronics
    Garry Stone – Director, B2B North

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