• Marketing Workshop

    Marketing Workshop

    This workshop will provide you with the tools to build your own marketing strategy!

    One of the biggest challenges we face is trying to grow sales, or to introduce a new product or service to the market and to do so profitably. How do we know if we are pricing our products or services correctly? How do we know if our customers value what we do? How can we beat the competition? And what customers should we target and why? If we knew the answers to these questions running our business would be a lot less stressful. As business owners we work hard at building customer relationships and delivering quality to our customers but sometimes that can lead us to focus too much on meeting perceived customer needs and not on creating value. Ending up competing on price alone, doing too many things at a low margin.

    We need to differentiate our products or services from the competition and sell them to the group of customers that value what we do. This is of course a lot easier said than done. Where do you start, how do we differentiate, who are our most profit rich customers, and how do we communicate our value. We believe the answer is straightforward, that through a simple framework we can become clear on what separates us from the competition and how we can grow sales profitably by creating a value proposition and applying it to the right customers.

    This workshop will provide you with the tools to build your own marketing strategy. We bring together proven approaches and distil these into a simple step-by-step process for you to adopt quickly and easily into your business. The Strategic Marketing Roadmap Seminar will help you create a framework for you to develop your own business growth strategy together with some clear steps to help you implement it.

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