• Northern Orbit: Northern Support and Space Funding on the Horizon

    Northern Orbit: Northern Support and Space Funding on the Horizon

    Funding calls and opportunities in the Space and what support is available in the North for SME’s (both traditional and non-traditional space companies) looking to take advantage of this high profile and fast growing sector.

    Our first speaker Catherine Holt from Innovate UK as she talks about the new Horizon Europe: Cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space. The overarching vision behind the proposed investments under Cluster 4 is that of Europe shaping competitive and trusted technologies for a European industry with global leadership in key areas, enabling production and consumption to respect the boundaries of our planet, and maximising the benefits for all parts of society in the variety of social, economic and territorial contexts in Europe. Catherine will be focussing on the destination ‘Open strategic autonomy in developing, deploying and using global space-based infrastructures, services applications and data’, which aims to reinforce the EU’s independent capacity to access space, securing the autonomy of supply for critical technologies and equipment, and fostering the EU’s space sector competitiveness. Target themes in these areas include launch systems, future space ecosystems, earth observation technologies, space science and the use of satellite data and applications.

    Our second speaker John Holmes-Carrington from Innovate UK EDGE highlights a Space Sector themed Global Business Innovation Programme and highlights the opportunities for UK Companies to enter and explore the global space sector – yes folks our wall of opportunities is back for 2021!! And introducing a new member of the Northern Orbit team Chris Jones friend and colleague to many and supporter of Northern Orbit since it’s birth in 2018 but officially joins the team as our Innovate UK EDGE Senior Innovation & Growth Specialist.

    We couldn’t talk about Northern support for the Space sector and those looking to enter and scale in it without mentioning North East Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications and it brings me great pleasure to announce Elaine Scott highlighting recent developments in the support for the northern regions.

    In addition there are two firm Northern Orbit friends joining us on the day:

    • Ralph Dinz from NORSS – Northern Space & Security who will talk to us about North East Sustainable Space Institute and what this means for the region
    • Ray Stott from SpaceSpecialists who joins us to tell us about the work he does through his networks to support the Space sector in the North of the UK and growing the UK & Australian Space Bridge

    Northern Orbit is focused on brokering international opportunities for SMEs working across Space, Satellite, Aerospace & Defence.

    Working alongside the North East Satellite Applications Centre of Excellence to encourage and support the international networking and collaboration of these sectors. Developing the northern supply chain for global opportunities within the sector, with an enhanced focus on developing awareness of the space sector technologies, services and support to non traditional space companies.

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