PAS 7100 and PAS 7050 business webinar

PAS 7100 and PAS 7050 business webinar

This practical webinar is designed to raise awareness of PAS 7050 and PAS 7100, advising businesses on the value and importance of these documents and how they can be implemented within their existing business structure (regardless of size) and with support from Trading Standards.

Attendees will:

• discover why PAS 7050 was needed;

• focus on the preparation of a product safety management plan (PSMP) and the development of a product safety incident plan (PSIP)

• apply the PAS practice

• explore retrospective case study examples

Attendees will discover techniques for auditing and how to implement PAS 7100 and PAS 7050. There will be time for the audience to ask questions about these PAS’s

COST: Free of charge

CPPD: 2 hours

Any questions, please email

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