• DBOP Routes to Contract Success: Bid Writing Masterclass

    DBOP Routes to Contract Success: Bid Writing Masterclass
    Win more contracts in 2022 by attending our Bid Writing Masterclass

    This online workshop is a must for any business looking to gain new sales and sustain or grow their turnover. Whether it’s a formal tender, proposal or quotation, this session will share proven approaches and techniques to help you think like a professional, build compelling bids, and compete against any business – whatever the bidding process or structure.

    Garry will share with you hands-on experience of winning over £400m in contracts for North East businesses, including:

    • Getting right inside the requirement and ‘what they want’

    • Understanding “Why us” in making your bid stand out (and how this can help transform every aspect of your sales and marketing)

    • How to match and beat what everyone else brings to the table, regardless of their size

    • Key types of questions and how to approach them, including Durham County Council tender questions and other ‘typical’ approaches

    • Managing word counts and deciding what to include to score maximum points

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