• Sell More Online – Small Producers Mini Series

    Sell More Online – Small Producers Mini Series

    Show off your products at their best with great photos and videos.

    We live in a world now where buying pretty much anything from jewellery to furniture to even a car is now commonplace as an online experience.

    For the small product business owner this can feel incredibly daunting, but with Laura’s skills as a brand strategist and creative director she’ll be helping you figure out the right aesthetic for the way your products should be showcased online.

    Then she’ll show you how to create all of your online content with just a smartphone and some budget-buys in a DIY approach to improve your online sales and the wider understanding of how amazing your business is.

    With a look at editing and processing your content into an easy-to-follow workflow, Laura will also leave you with some of her expert tips on how you can begin looking at outsourcing this as your business grows.

    The why to the how to the outsourcing. Everything you need as an online product business.

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