• Successful Tendering

    Successful Tendering

    Learn how to successfully compete for public sector opportunities

    Our event will help all suppliers to better understand the procurement process and how you can successfully compete. This will include how to complete the Selection Questionnaire used in all public procurement exercises.

    Whether you’re already bidding or looking to start bidding for public sector opportunities our event will be able to help you succeed. It will provide you with:

    • An understanding of the right approach

    • A step-by-step guide on how you can prepare for success

    Who should attend?

    Anyone interested in doing business with the public sector.

    Who’s delivering the event?

    Our event will be led by Garry Stone, Director of B2B North. Garry has helped businesses of all types and sizes win millions of pounds of contracts and tenders across the region. As a business owner, Garry understands the challenges and issues from a practical perspective.

    How to Register: Please book using the registration button. Details on how to access the event will be sent to your email address a week before the event.

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