Urban Foresight – Trends Masterclass

Urban Foresight – Trends Masterclass
The Durham Future Innovation Building Programme gives you the opportunity to learn creative innovation skills or refine your innovation idea

Urban Foresight present a wide range of leading innovation trends, which will inspire and encourage your creativity to flow. If you want to create something new, but don’t know where to start, this event will help you to understand trends, drivers for change, technologies, and other valuable information, to help you visualise where you can contribute to the future of the construction industry, and its supply chain. Urban Foresight have published reports to highlight future challenges around the world, in terms of climate, cyber security, pandemics, transport needs and what urban resilience may look like in the future.

The team are well versed in offering insights to understand where sectors are heading, but they are also skilled at understanding the component parts to transformation projects. They can offer knowledge about how to bring collaborative projects together, they can gather insights, and they offer understanding about how to bring technology in to solve challenges, when it can enable, support, inform, mitigate risks, communicate, analyse, direct, and offer other efficiencies.

Our speakers from Urban Foresight are:

  • Sam Nair – A Principal Consultant at Urban Foresight, working across a portfolio of innovation, low carbon and economic development projects – and increasingly sector-based studies where all three of those things are linked and interact.
  • Neil Bhandry – A Senior Consultant at Urban Foresight and an experienced R&D insights practitioner. Prior to joining Urban Foresight, he spent over 12 years at Procter and Gamble working on global innovation projects for some of its biggest brands.
  • Matt Mirecki – a Senior Consultant at Urban Foresight. He is an economist and policy advisor with over a decade of progressively responsible experience leading on economic development research and analysis.
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