• Webinar: the employer’s role in supporting those affected by domestic abuse

    Webinar: the employer’s role in supporting those affected by domestic abuse

    1 in 3 women and 1 in 7 men are affected by domestic abuse in their lifetime.

    For many years we have tended to see this as a private matter. But there are a range of ways this will be impacting your workplace:

    • Days of work missed
    • Productivity affected
    • Stalking and surveillance of employees whilst they are at your workplace
    • Employees leaving the workplace altogether and all the costs of recruitment, induction, teams being short-staffed this incurs

    You may not have received disclosures but this does not mean it isn’t happening to those in your teams.

    Could you get more from your staff by creating a more supportive workplace environment that proactively brings domestic abuse into the open as a topic you’re not afraid to address?

    This webinar will raise your awareness of:

    • The workplace health and safety legislation that domestic abuse can be related to
    • The overlap with support for employee mental health but also the different considerations needed
    • The ways our existing responses may be exacerbating things for those affected
    • What to expect from the workplace training taster day scheduled for 24th November

    This LUNCH & LEARN webinar will be delivered for Business Durham by Lisa Charlotte Davis, an educator with over 20 years’ experience and the Managing Director of Changing Relations, an innovative training provider that uses artistic resources as their tool to create powerful and engaging learning experiences.

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