• Your Route To Success

    Your Route To Success
    Learn how to find and win public sector contract opportunities

    Your Route to Success

    The public sector spends around £350 billion each year on goods and services – and is continually looking for new suppliers.

    Our Your Route to Success event is for all suppliers that are looking to supply the public sector. Whether you’re currently supplying the public sector or looking to start supplying our event will help you.

    Regardless of your organisation’s size or sector, there are opportunities for you. With the right preparation and approach, you can win contracts locally, regionally, and nationally.

    With the right preparation and approach, you can win significant opportunities for your organisation.

    What’s it all about?

    You will get a better understanding of the opportunities that are available, where to find them and how you can get prepared.

    • An understanding of the public sector market and how it works

    • An understanding of where to find the right opportunities for you

    • An understanding of the right approach

    • Insight on where to find opportunities and follow the money

    • Tips on targeting lower value work, subcontracting, and working with others

    • A step-by-step guide on how you can prepare for success

    Who should attend?

    Anyone interested in doing business with the public sector.

    Who’s delivering the event?

    Our event will be led by Garry Stone, Director of B2B North. Garry has helped businesses of all types and sizes win millions of pounds of contracts and tenders across the region. As a business owner, Garry understands the challenges and issues from a practical perspective.

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