• Measuring your energy use

    Measuring your energy use

    Knowledge is power – it provides the understanding so your business can make informed decisions to manage and reduce your energy use. Secondly if you don’t know your energy use baseline how can you measure the impact of your actions?  

    Check your gas/electric meter readings and provide them to your supplier so you are paying for what you use and nothing more. If you do not send meter readings to your supplier, you will be billed for estimated usage which can often be inaccurate. For advice on reading your meter visit this website. 

    There will be two main charges on your bill, the unit rate and the standing charge. The unit rate is how much you will pay per 1 kWh of gas or electricity you use, and the standing charge is a fixed cost to connect to the network. These vary depending on your energy tariff and supplier; you can change your energy supplier but be wary of using brokers- if a deal seems too good to be true it probably is, and brokers can take away large commissions leaving you trapped in a contract paying unnecessarily high energy fees. Ofgem has a helpful guide to switching energy providers as a small business.

    Ask your supplier to install a smart meter and display as this can provide real time readings and highlight issues 

    The Carbon Trust has an Energy Benchmark calculator to help you measure your business’s energy use.

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