Durham Future Innovation Building Programme (DFIB)

Are you a business trading in County Durham looking to grow?

Business Durham is looking for innovative SME’s in the following sectors and their supply chains to come forward;

  • Construction: Companies carrying out work in the built environment including – brickwork; plasterers; scaffolders, or those supporting work in the built environment including – logistics; architects; surveyors
  • Health: Businesses providing medical services, manufacturers or medical equipment, of drugs, providers of medical insurance, or otherwise facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients.
  • Electech; producers of electronics, electrical hardware and embedded software that enables the existence of technology

Innovation is the process of using new ideas and technology to improve a business, through the introduction of a new system, process or product. It could be a simple idea which transforms your business or something ground-breaking.

We will support you through:

  • Masterclasses and workshops; designed to enable your businesses to transform and innovate in the following areas: design, data and technology; innovation strategy, IP, user experience, commercialisation etc.
  • One to one support with specialist expertise to take your innovation to commercialisation
  • Signposting to industry experts
  • The opportunity to apply for funding to support research and development in the form of grants
  • Access to sector-based ecosystems with opportunities for networking with business, academia and enablers

“We see Business Durham as a long-term strategic partnership. The funding and mentoring support we received through the DFIB programme is enabling us to complete our growth objectives set for 2021, which will help us to expand our business, staff and partnerships, starting January 2022” –

Jason Chehal, Seeds Capital.

Grants are available

  • The Innovation Research and Development grants are available in the region of £20,000, based on a maximum 50% intervention rate of the total project cost. (It is expected that there will be an employment increase in the businesses to receive this grant). The Innovation Research and Development Grant will Enable SMEs to identify and access appropriate research and development expertise regionally and nationally to develop their innovation idea.
  • The Innovation Capacity grant will be £6,250 towards the salary for the first six months (temporary employment contract) with a minimum salary of £25,000 or above per annum. This is to provide skilled resource within the SMEs to take their innovation idea further.

“The DFIB programme has been of huge benefit to me. It has given me direction, I would unhesitatingly and very highly recommend this to others” –

Chennakesavalu Rajagopal, Affotek.


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