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Business Durham is the economic development organisation for County Durham, delivering the environment for business and economic growth.

House of Durham showcases North East manufacturing excellence

A true picture of how innovative North East manufacturing is touching every aspect of our daily lives.

This specially commissioned infographic, House of Durham, showcases some of the county’s leading manufacturers and reveal for the first time in one image how their products are instrumental in helping us live our lives.

The infographic was commissioned by Business Durham, and is the first in a series designed to highlight manufacturing excellence in the North East. Future infographics will focus on areas such as construction, transport and security.

We wanted to showcase the depth and breadth of the innovation which is being developed in County Durham and also being exported around the world – and even into space. It shows just how much is happening here in Durham.

House of Durham follows the launch of the Manufacturing Task Force, created to maximise manufacturing opportunities in County Durham. Manufacturing is already a vital part of the County Durham economy and employs 15% of Durham’s residents and provides 20% of its GVA. The task force will produce an industrial strategy for County Durham which will inform Durham County Council’s policy in resource allocation to ensure any funding ensures the best economic effect.

Councillor Neil Foster, cabinet member for Durham County Council for economic regeneration and chairman of the task force, said:

“The House of Durham infographic demonstrates how the county’s manufacturing businesses are excelling in what they do and making a difference. It’s a celebration of their work and also a source of pride for the people who work at these outstanding companies. It’s helping us tell the world that Durham is a great place to do business.”

If you would like your business to be featured in a future infographic send your story to story@businessdurham.co.uk

The infographic PDF is available for download by clicking here

How It Started

This started life as a simple infographic to show the depth and breadth of manufacturing activity in County Durham, and to demonstrate very simply that we can still make things here.

It quickly became clear that this simple concept struck a chord with everyone and so here are some ideas for getting involved.

Manufacturing is still 20% of our economy: our products go all around the world (and occasionally into space) and we can all take enormous pride in that.

Spread The Word

The infographic is available by clicking here and we would encourage you to use it to spread the word as far and as wide as possible. 

Please feel free to send it to your customers, suppliers, MPs, employees, families, schools, etc. If you’d like some covering words please feel free to use anything from the web page.

Tweet about it, using #houseofdurham

Blog about it and send us a copy for our website (usual rules of decency apply).

Get Involved

If you think your company should be represented email us at story@businessdurham.co.uk We are pretty sure that we will be overwhelmed with companies wanting to be involved so we intend to build a “Street of Durham”, each house showcasing a different sector. Would you like to create a House of Peterlee?  A House of Aycliffe?  Give us the details and we’ll take a look. We would also like to feature as many case studies and stories on our website as possible – if this is of interest, send us 200ish words, a logo and an image and we’ll check it out.

Get Others Involved

If you perhaps know a supplier or a customer who is not currently in County Durham but you think would benefit from being part of Durham’s manufacturing excellence, let us know or give them the email address invest@businessdurham.co.uk
Above all, keep in touch.