• BTS launches new fast-track service

    BTS launches new fast-track service

    Aycliffe-based manufacturing business, BTS Facades and Fabrications, has launched a new service which will produce flashing products at speed.

    The initiative, which has been coined X-Press, will enable BTS’ clients to have basic products delivered on-site within an estimated three working days, and has been introduced after a high demand for standard pre-coated, mill finish aluminium and galvanised flashings.

    The manufacturing firm typically specialises in its Vantage rainscreen and bespoke fabrication goods, however, when the factory is at capacity, lead times for simple flashings can be extended, which steered the team toward the creation of X-Press.

    Managing director of BTS Phil Atkinson hopes the success of the project will see BTS’ workforce grow. He said: “The decision to set up this standalone flashing cell is a great move for us.

    “We can get flat sheet from our supply chain the next day so the three-day service will be a revelation in our industry, and great for our customers.

    “I have a big vision for BTS. I want to grow the turnover to £15 million in three years, and this is just the start of our growth plans.

    “X-Press will lead to more employment opportunities and a potential extension on our existing factory. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.”

    Since the decision to launch X-Press, the factory has undergone extensive changes, with heavy machinery being moved to make way for the new initiative, which also supports the company’s investment into LEAN efficiency.

    The team have ordered a new space-efficient guillotine, but their top-of-the-range Salvagnini S4 Punch is expected to be used too.

    BTS’ logistics and X-Press manager, Chris Atkinson, is going to oversee the success of the new project. He said: “The new cell will operate independently with dedicated technologies and labour resource.

    “As a result, lead times will be generated based only on the capacity of this cell enabling faster turnaround.

    “I want to see the new service succeed by providing our customers with excellent service through quality and performance.

    “It means so much to pull the team together and work on something new and exciting. Everyone is eager to see where this new endeavour takes us.”

    To enquire about BTS’ new service, email enquiries@bts-xpress.co.uk.