• Durham drivers to benefit from £2.1m EV chargepoint boost

    Durham drivers to benefit from £2.1m EV chargepoint boost

    Drivers in Durham will have better access to electric vehicle chargepoints, after being awarded £2.1m through a new pilot backed by £20,m of government and industry funding announced this week.

    Through the innovative Local EV Infrastructure (LEVI) pilot scheme, Durham Council and industry will work together to create new, commercial EV charging infrastructure for residents, from on-street chargepoints to larger petrol station-style charging hubs.

    The rollout supports the government’s drive to encourage more motorists to go electric, which can save drivers money on fuel and running costs, and improve air quality as the country moves towards net zero.

    The scheme will help residents without private driveways to have better access to EV chargers, as well as growing the charging network across the country, supporting the nation’s uptake of zero emission vehicles and enabling more people to drive and charge without fear of being caught short, no matter where they are.

    The pilot is backed by £10m of government funding and will see Durham Council awarded £1.75m in the first tranche of the planned £450m scheme, supported by £0.35m of funding from industry.

    Source: Aycliffe Today