• Durham Future Innovation Building Project

    Durham Future Innovation Building Project


    A new project which is aimed at key growth sectors of Construction, Elec-tech and Healthcare aims to support SMEs to invest in R&D and build their potential to innovate successfully. The project will identify their ideas and connect them to people who can help them to build new innovations. It will allow them to think about how to change and adapt to trends, discover new markets, become trend setters, continuously assess their products, and adapt quickly to market conditions, by building an innovation mindset from a series of educational events, which will be held over the next 2.5 years.

    How will this project help a business to innovate?

    Events will be designed, to help SMEs to unlock their innovation potential by giving them the wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding to problem solve ideas, even those outside their initial area of expertise. The events will focus on developing the mindset and skills to drive creativity and innovation, and could include learning skills from product design, such as design thinking, user research, brainstorming, and co-designing. Innovation events will also help people to understand the business innovation life cycle, how new innovations can progress an existing product, disrupt markets, or create entirely new markets. We will look at how successful innovators progress their ideas to market. These sessions may be masterclasses, workshops and practical design sessions.

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