• Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

    Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

    The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has announced £10 million in funding to help the UK’s energy entrepreneurs to turn their clean and green ideas into real products and services that help cut the UKs reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

    The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund seeks to promote new clean technologies across all sectors of UK industry. The latest round of funding will support between 15 and 20 projects, with each successful bidder receiving up to £1 million.

    Projects could include innovations that boost home energy efficiency, develop green transport, and source cleaner and greener ways to generate power and heat. £1milion of the funding has been allocated to projects based in Cornwall. Match funding is required.

    The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund is a competitive funding scheme to support the development and demonstration of state of the art technologies, products and processes in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation and heat and electricity storage.

    The deadline for applications is 2pm on the 11th May 2022.

    Source: Gov.uk