• Multiply your business for free

    Multiply your business for free

    Did you know 17m adults in England (half of the working-age population) have everyday maths skills roughly equivalent to those expected of a primary school child​? This can result in less effective employee performance and means employees can be less likely to progress within your business.

    UKSPF funded Multiply aims to help people improve their ability to understand and use maths in daily life, home, and work by filling numeracy skills gaps reported by employers, supporting people to gain employment and progress in work​.


    Why choose Multiply?

    • Training is FREE – with funding available to cover costs of releasing your employees for training
    • Provide a fresh perspective and new ideas – ongoing training and upskilling ensures your employees continue to develop and become increasingly valuable to your business
    • Increase productivity – employees who feel valued and supported are more likely to be productive Enhance employee wellbeing – through improved financial awareness
    • Develop problem solving skills – which will support employees in everyday life and work
    • Expert teachers – Courses are delivered by highly qualified and experienced maths experts from the public and private sector


    How does it work?

    • Developed with YOU
    • Customised to your business needs
    • Flexible sessions – on and off site group sessions, if you don’t have the in-house facilities, and online
    • Ongoing support – for employees after completing the course, with access to further opportunities


    What our learners have to say:

    Eve was aware that she would have to do Level 2 maths as part of the Apprenticeship programme.  Maths was always a problem for Eve in school.  She struggled with many aspects of maths and this affected her overall maths confidence.


    “I feel like I have learned a lot because of how it was explained and how its shown in a different form. I thought I couldn’t do maths but it just wasn’t explained in the right way to me.  

    I have really enjoyed working with Viv, although I have only spent a couple of weeks, she has shown me subjects that I never thought I could do and shown me other ways around them and now I feel more confident with maths.”


    Join Multiply in building a brighter future for your employees and your business. For more information email multiply@durham.gov.uk

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