• Natasha Boulding: Building a new future

    Natasha Boulding: Building a new future

    Natasha Boulding and her two friends Scott Bush and Phil Buckley are having the time of their lives making building blocks in a little trading estate unit in County Durham.

    Within five years, they have gone from experimenting with waste materials in their Durham University laboratories and kitchens, to developing technology capable of transforming waste plastic and other by-products – otherwise confined to landfill or incineration – into a carbon-negative aggregate for concrete.

    No wonder the construction industry is already taking notice of their start-up business Sphera. The trio are on the verge of upgrading their headquarters, expanding development, testing and staff, as they make environmentally-friendly concrete that will literally change our landscape forever.

    The 28-year-old is explaining why she, and fellow Durham University PhD colleagues Scott and Phil, are transforming the construction industry through their business Sphera, by developing sustainable carbon-free concrete without any experience in the sector whatsoever.

    Source: North East Times