• North East leads innovation funding

    North East leads innovation funding

    The North East has secured up to six times as much government innovation funding as some other areas and more than any other region of the UK.

    Research from corporate tax specialists Catax suggests the North West, Yorkshire & Humber and the East Midlands all lag behind the national average of £2,563 per business. Meanwhile the North East secured the equivalent of £6,504 of Innovate UK funding for every business, or £860m in total.

    In the North West, an average of £1,039 per business was awarded; in Yorkshire & Humber £2,204 per business, and in the East Midlands £2,084 per business. After the North East, the West Midlands came second with £3,941 per business granted, followed by London at £3,131.

    Source: Chronicle Live