• Peterlee based TOX247 is announced as finalist for the National 2023 Empowering Futures Awards

    Peterlee based TOX247 is announced as finalist for the National 2023 Empowering Futures Awards

    TOX247, based in Peterlee, has been announced as one of the finalists for the National 2023 Empowering Futures Awards by the Aim Qualifications and Assessment Group.

    The nomination is for Bespoke Accreditation Centre of the year.

    The AIM Empowering Futures Awards celebrate the achievements of end-point assessment organisations, AIM recognised centres and employers in the past year.

    These inaugural awards will take place during the Empowering Futures Conference on 9 November at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

    AIM Qualifications and Assessment Group’s Chief Executive Officer, Kevern Kerswell, said:

    “We’re delighted that for these inaugural awards we have received so many entries dedicated to celebrating the achievements of AIM’s centres and partners. All the entries are of a really high standard and demonstrate great commitment to supporting and empowering individuals to go on to do amazing things. Congratulations to all finalists. We look forward to celebrating their success as an industry on the    9th November.”

    Trevor Hall, CEO of TOX247 Ltd said:

    “The TOX247 Academy of workplace substance management has identified the following pain point solutions for the accreditation of practitioner roles in any sector across all professions:

    1. Sample Collection Practitioner (SCP) roles via entry level quality marked certification, and level 4 higher education (HE) awards or level 5 HE certification.
    2. Programme Managing Practitioner (PMP) roles at a level 4 HE award or level 5 HE certificate.
    3. Executive Leadership Practitioner (ELP) role at a level 6 HE diploma.
    4. Master Practitioner (MP) role at a level 7 HE extended diploma.


    The TOX247 accredited academy of workplace substance management is the global leader in total workplace substance management education. We have identified serious gaps in every sector and every profession regarding workplace substance management countermeasures, knowledge, and competency qualifications. Our academy, whether for face-to-face training or through our online Learning Management System (LMS), delivers our specialist discipline to the highest and unrivalled standards in response to companies management needs and learner experience.

    TOX247 Testing and Analytical services have been tried and tested over decades. Employers and employees are supported by our in-house toxicological skill sets and registered expert witness testimony. We have exceptional skills in the following employer and profession pain point management regarding:

    1. Non-evidential testing provisions to narrow window sample mediums.
    2. Evidential analytical narrow and wide window sample mediums.
    3. Evidence gathering regarding the above sample mediums.
    4. Investigating illegal substances in the workplace and their correlation to criminality.
    5. Supporting clients with in-house toxicology opinion on positive analytical samples.
    6. Supporting our clients with registered expert witness testimony.
    7. Supporting our clients with our own unique and the world’s largest body of published material regarding workplace substance management.
    8. Supporting our clients with all sample mediums, consent form and other sample continuity provisions manufactured by TOX247.
    9. A TOXSOP for e-commerce to all client needs 24/7.


    At TOX247 we  have developed legally defensible workplace programmes and training mechanisms supported by our 24/7 ecommerce provision. We have proved our unique workplace substance management programme is defensible in criminal and civil legislations, insurance obligations and much more. We work with companies to protect their 24/7 culpabilities and accountabilities, additionally protecting any company’s bottom line trading figures while enhancing a company’s reputation, so hard to achieve and all too easy to lose.

    For the TOX247 Academy to be one of the finalists in the Bespoke Accreditation Centre of the Year is in itself a fantastic achievement and testament to the hard work and professionalism of our dedicated team”.


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