• Sky’s the limit for North East Companies to reach Net Zero

    Sky’s the limit for North East Companies to reach Net Zero

    Over the past 12 months, County Durham based Sanctus Consulting have been involved in several exciting projects, varying from Solar PV with Battery Storage to EV Charging Points powered by a Solar Tracker.


    The installation of Solar PV with Battery Storage has become a viable option to businesses due to rocketing energy costs and the reduction in panel and inverter pricing.


    Sanctus’ Managing Director Martin Oswell said “We’re finding our clients are not only looking to reduce their usage with credible sustainable green technologies, but also to ultimately drive down costs.”


    Sanctus Consulting is supported by a team of MCS-accredited engineers and all our installations meet strict industry standards.


    They are proud members of the Utilities Intermediaries Association (https://uia.org.uk/) of which there are only around 30 members in the UK. Their mission is to promote and enhance the reputation of Third-Party Intermediaries (TPIs) within the business utilities sector and give confidence to businesses that use the following services:


    • Green Energy Procurement
    • Solar Photovoltaic Installation
    • Battery Storage Deployment
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Points
    • New Supply Upgrades

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