• Sustainable Business Practices for County Durham Companies

    Sustainable Business Practices for County Durham Companies

    Laying the Foundations for 2030

    In a collective effort, businesses have forged ahead with ambitious plans for decarbonisation. Through active collaboration, they are not only sharing valuable insights but also implementing strategies to curtail energy consumption while bolstering locally generated power.
    This partnership-driven approach serves as the bedrock for fostering growth in green technologies and skills within the community.

    County Durham’s Vision for 2045

    Within the Council’s adopted Climate Emergency Response Plan there is a bold vision to shape the future of County Durham. By 2045, every business and industry within the region aims to have a robust decarbonisation plan in action. Most will have achieved the remarkable feat of net zero emissions, expertly offsetting any residual emissions that prove unavoidable.

    Support for Businesses to Reduce Carbon Emissions

    The 2nd Climate Emergency Response Plan adopted in 2022, shows the commitment to business and how we want to work collaboratively in our Net Zero ambitions. It is about ensuring the economy is boosted through the development of new ‘green jobs’ in a range of industries and ensuring that sustainability and climate change are key considerations in all decisions relating to investment, production, development, transport, the economy, society, and the environment to facilitate a truly Green economy. For comprehensive information on the council’s support mechanisms, refer to the Climate Emergency Response Plan. To track the progress of the council and businesses in this transformative journey, connect with climatecountydurham@durham.gov.uk.

    Empowering SMEs: The Low Carbon Economy Team

    Since its inception in 2009, the Low Carbon Economy Team has been a formidable force, offering invaluable support to communities, residents and businesses. Through the Business Energy Efficiency Project (BEEP) created in 2016 with European Regional Development Funding, this dynamic team continues to provide expert advice and grants. Their services extend beyond mere energy efficiency, encompassing impartial guidance on addressing procurement queries related to carbon emissions and sustainability.

    Useful Links

    For businesses poised to embark on their Net Zero journey, the following links and tools prove indispensable:
    – FSB Sustainability Hub – A Definitive Guide to Net Zero
    – Carbon Accounting – Carbon Trust’s Tool
    – Toolkits for Action – Going Green Together

    Embracing sustainability is not just a choice; it’s an imperative for businesses in County Durham. By joining hands with Business Durham and the collaborative forces driving sustainable practices, your enterprise can not only thrive but also lead the way towards a greener, more prosperous future for County Durham. Together, we shape a legacy of sustainability that resonates through generations to come.

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