• Venture Capital funding for Power Roll in Seaham

    Venture Capital funding for Power Roll in Seaham

    A North East technology company has taken a big leap forward after a new round of Venture Capital funding.

    Power Roll, based at Jade Business Park in Seaham, has developed, patented and is now scaling a disruptive solar photovoltaic film in a bid to generate solar energy on any surface, making it more accessible to businesses and drive the industrial solar rooftop revolution.

    Power Roll has created a lower cost alternative to solar panels by using microgroove technology. First invented by Dr John Topping Chief Scientist and Co-founder at Power Roll in 2011, the thin, film-like product is lighter and more flexible than silicon PV and can be deployed on almost any surface to generate low-cost green electricity, from factory rooftops to campervan roofs.

    Source: The Northern Echo