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Learning Curve Group Launches UK’s First Accredited Qualification On Menopause

National training provider, Learning Curve Group (LCG), launch a brand new qualification on the understanding of menopause to educate people on how women are impacted and how this effects their careers.

LCG’s new qualification is a level 2 in Understanding Menopause in the Workplace and is the first ever accredited qualification on the topic in the UK.

This qualification will be accessible to everyone of working age (16 and over) and will be particularly applicable to those seeking entry into job roles which require knowledge of menopause in the workplace such as HR and People related roles and healthcare roles like health care assistant, staff nurse, midwife and sexual health educator.

In November 2021 an independent report was released entitled “Menopause and the Workplace: How to enable fulfilling working lives”, since then the Government has prioritsed raising awareness of menopause and its impact on the workplace. In partnership with Innovate Awarding, LCG developed the qualification to address many of the recommendations in the report.

Lizzy Owen, Director of Curriculum, Growth and Design at LCG and author of the Understanding Menopause in the Workplace qualification, said: “I wanted to develop this qualification to highlight the impact that menopause has on women in the workplace. As women are occupying more traditionally male dominated roles and working for longer, the effects that menopause has on women and their careers are only going to increase. Having available education on the topic is needed to ensure that women’s opportunities in the workplace are not negatively impacted by menopause symptoms.

At Learning Curve Group, we are dedicated to transforming lives through learning and I believe this qualification will help accelerate the understanding of the symptoms of menopause and help businesses better support their employees. I am very proud to have developed the UK’s first accredited qualification on understanding menopause in the workplace.”

The aim of the qualification is to provide key knowledge and practical techniques for individuals, their colleagues and managers on enabling positive behaviours, positive thinking, and understanding around the challenges of menopause.

Karen Lawlor, Development Manager at Innovate Awarding, the awarding body for the Understanding Menopause in the Workplace qualification, said: For far too long, the impact of menopause on individuals and on businesses has been ignored, mostly due to a lack of knowledge and understanding around the subject.  Momentum is now growing to put this right; businesses are becoming aware of the importance of retaining staff and helping them through challenging life changes.

I am very excited and proud to have been involved with the development of the first nationally accredited qualification covering menopause.  Now people of all ages in all workplaces have the opportunity to learn about menopause, to understand what menopause is, its impact on the individual and on the business, and to identify ways of addressing the issues caused by menopause in the workplace.”

The Understanding Menopause in the Workplace qualification will also be important to learners seeking entry into cross-sector workplace mentoring roles and HR professionals. The aim of launching this qualification is to raise awareness around menopause and how it effects women throughout their lives.

Learning Curve Group are national, award winning training and education specialists, supporting learners, employers and FE providers to achieve success through a range of impactful training programmes.

The training provider is expanding its provision after receiving an Outstanding grade by Ofsted in its last inspection of its Antrec Training contract. This new qualification will help break the stigma around menopause in the workplace and wider society.

Join the waiting list for the Understanding Menopause in the Workplace Qualification:


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