Business Durham Success Stories

We’ve helped many companies find their route to success in a variety of ways. That support included helping businesses find inward investment, the perfect premises in County Durham, or offering innovation support, business engagement advice and more.

Here are just a few of our Business Durham success stories. 

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Furniture Clinic

Furniture Clinic

Alexander Technologies

Alexander Technologies

Bishops Beds Managing Director Paul Vinnicombe and Operations Manager Kelly Vinnicombe

DBOP: Bishops Beds


Filtronic – Making waves in cutting edge technology


Why space innovation company RHEA believe it’s easier to expand in County Durham

Power Roll

Power Roll – At the cutting edge of low carbon technology

L-Pac Packaging Solutions

L-Pac Packaging Solutions Ltd

North East Bi-Folds

North East Bi-Folds

Chief commercial Officer RHEA Group John Bone

RHEA Group