• A bold vision for County Durham’s economy

    A bold vision for County Durham’s economy

    County Durham’s Inclusive Economic Strategy sets a clear, long-term vision for the area’s economy up to 2035, with an overarching aim to create more and better jobs in an inclusive, green economy.

    Developed through County Durham Economic Partnership (CDEP), an economic review was undertaken which provided an external assessment of the county’s economy.  Stakeholders were engaged, including local residents, businesses, young people, and community groups, with around 3,000 responses in the form of returned surveys and those that were met in person.

    Their contribution helped to form the strategy, but what does that mean for County Durham, already boasting a strong and diverse economy worth £8.8 billion, 14,000 businesses, and significant strengths in advanced manufacturing, the space sector, and health and life sciences.



    County Durham now has a vision for where it wants to be by 2035. A county where there are more and better jobs, people live long, healthy, and independent lives, and communities are well-connected and supported. The key to delivering this vision and an inclusive economy for County Durham is to have a clear, bold, and ambitious economic vision for the future, developed and to be delivered together, with partners.

    The long-term economic vision set out in the strategy balances the need to grow, achieving prosperity for all, while responding to the immediate challenges. It is focused on building a stronger County Durham, where everyone can realise their ambitions in a modern green economy firmly focused on the future.

    Together the partners will deliver the strategy using a 5P approach which focuses on:

    • People: Support people into education, training, jobs and to excel in business and their careers.
    • Productivity: Support business innovation, growth and higher levels of productivity.
    • Places: Improve places and plan infrastructure so that people and businesses can access opportunities.
    • Promotion: Promote our county, assets and opportunities to business, investors, visitors, developers and residents.

    County Durham Economic Partnership is keen to talk to businesses who share our common goals, and who can see their organisations joining a progressive and dynamic approach to economic growth.

    To find out more visit countydurhampartnership.co.uk