• Support For Start-Ups

    Support For Start-Ups

    Starting a business

    Starting a business can be an exciting process at any time and it always has an element of risk.

    However, with the right advice and guidance, you can capitalise on new opportunities and reduce some of the risks. Business Durham has developed programmes to help support those who want to establish a new venture or reinvigorate an existing project. To help you find the support you need we have brought all of the links to resources together in one place. You can find everything here.
    This page will link you to the full range of support available to businesses in County Durham.


    The past year has been especially challenging for all of us. It has been particularly difficult for entrepreneurs. Business Durham aims to support you and your business. It may be that you need to re-examine your business structure and you may need to make some difficult decisions as we move ahead, Business Durham endeavours to be your trusted partner, helping you navigate through these uncertain times.