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We’ve been incredibly lucky to have secured financial investment from Business Durham which really has been crucial to the growth of the business and fast-tracked our plans in such a short space of time.

Antony Gray


A fast-growing engineering company is embarking on an exciting new phase of development with the help of a grant from the County Durham Growth Fund.

Renovo Solutions was founded by Antony Gray just three years ago, but in that time has experienced significant expansion with the company already relocating to larger premises at Tanfield Lea Industrial Estate in Stanley.

The new 14,000 sq ft facility is 14 times larger than the previous unit the business occupied, allowing Antony to invest in new machinery greatly increasing production capacity and enabling Renovo Solutions to target larger contracts.

Now, Antony is working on the next phase of his business journey, including the launch of a new spin-off operation Renovo Tool Company, the creation of six new jobs, and the formation of a new senior management team, starting with the recruitment of Ian Lomas as sales director and Peter Redhead as works director.

These developments have received the backing of the County Durham Growth Fund, which has awarded the business £100,000 in grant support.

Antony said: “Our growth in the three years since I launched the business has been significant, largely due to the fact we’re the only tool grinding machine company in the North East.

“We’ve tapped into a major gap in the market and now we’re fully established within the sector, I am able to focus on the next stage of growth.

“This includes continued investment in Renovo Solutions and the launch of a new business arm, Renovo Tool Company, which has been made possible with the support we’ve received from the County Durham Growth Fund.

“This business will manufacture high-performance standard cutting tools, which we see as a natural progression from Renovo Solutions.

“We’ve been incredibly lucky to have secured financial investment not only from Business Durham but also the North East Loan Fund which really has been crucial to the growth of the business and fast-tracked our plans in such a short space of time.”

Renovo Solutions currently employs nine people, five of whom are apprentices, with the planned recruitment drive taking the business to 14 employees within the next few months.

Antony added: “This is an incredibly exciting time for the business.

“We’ve purchased new machines which are allowing us to operate more sustainably and efficiently; we’re in the process of creating a senior management team which will allow me to network more and meet potential new clients; and we now occupy premises which give us the space we need to embark on this ambitious growth journey.”

Renovo Solutions supplies products to sectors including aerospace, nuclear, oil and gas, military, defence, automotive, and has clients both across the UK and internationally.

The County Durham Growth Fund is managed by Business Durham in partnership with UMi and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). All successful grant applications are appraised by UNW LLP, an independent firm of chartered accountants and business advisers.

Sarah Slaven, Managing Director of Business Durham, said: “Renovo Solutions is a home-grown company and a real success story for County Durham. What Antony and the team have achieved in such a short period of time is fantastic and I am delighted that the County Durham Growth Fund is able to support them on the next phase of his business journey.”

Simon Allen, investment centre director at UMI, added: “The County Durham Growth Fund is here to support businesses like Renovo Solutions, which have ambitious plans to invest, create jobs and cement their long-term future in the area.”

Lara Marshall, corporate finance manager at UNW, said: “It’s great to see Renovo Solutions embarking on such an ambitious second phase of expansion, which will see six new jobs created and a new arm of the business launched. We wish Antony and the team the best of luck.”

Engineering company grows thanks to £100k grant support

Engineering company grows thanks to £100k grant support

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NETPark is a fantastic place to do business in terms of facilities, potential for growth and for collaboration.

Steve Brown
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The facilities and ancillary business services here are second to none and the campus feel of the science park suits the culture within the company.

Ian Gemski


The ecosystem in NETPark is just right for us; SEEDS first came here because of its partnership work with the CPI and now our vision is to have a busy lab facility developing various applications and licensing them out to companies.

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We expect to more than double the team in Sedgefield to 45 over the next two to three years, with a larger commercial team allowing us to expand our global footprint.

Dr Fozia Saleem


At a time when the fruit packing labour market is very challenging across Europe and North America, compounded by Brexit, Covid, and the movement of people, Wootzano’s robots are providing a niche solution using game-changing, world-class technology that has been developed here on NETPark.

Jesse Opoku
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Teescraft Engineering

Teescraft Engineering has been a major employer in County Durham for a number of years and I’m delighted that, with grant support through the County Durham Growth Fund, the company is embarking on ambitious plans to significantly expand.

Hazel Sykes
Business Durham

ATT Fabrications

We knew we had the space to add new machines which would not only improve productivity and efficiency but also allow us to add new products and processes, the County Durham Growth Fund helped this happen.

Andrew Devlin
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AAA Caring Caretaker

The Caring Caretaker is a company that’s grown from one to a team of 41 and is now, with grant support from the County Durham Growth Fund, in the process of taking its business journey to the next stage, moving to much larger premises and creating a further 10 jobs, cementing its long-term future here in County Durham.

Sarah Slaven
Managing Director, Business Durham

Renovo Solutions

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have secured financial investment from Business Durham which really has been crucial to the growth of the business and fast-tracked our plans in such a short space of time.

Antony Gray

Ashgarth Engineering

The grant we’ve received from the County Durham Growth Fund has been invaluable to us as without it we probably would have only been able to purchase one machine.

Niall Ash

TO Mounter

We were looking at investing in new machinery which would enable us to expand our client base, and our accountant mentioned the County Durham Growth Fund to us.

Lisa Mounter
General Manager


Investing in this additional space means we now own our future – we’re not in anyone else’s hands and that’s a fantastic position to be in.

Ryan Carter

E Catering

We took on more space than we needed to, allowing for our planned growth over the next five years, however with the grant support we’ve had from the County Durham Growth Fund, we are now looking at achieving our projections in the next three years.

Reece Ingham
Head of Finance


It has been a testing couple of years due to the pandemic and this support has been invaluable. Going forwards, we intend to invest further in technology and skills to strengthen our position in this competitive marketplace.

Ben Kennard
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Manager

Newton Press

We’ve got a great team now and looking ahead this year, for us it’s about building on what we have, and then expanding with new orders and further investment at the right times to propel this business forward in this new space.

Stuart Howarth
Sales Director

Dyman Advanced Materials

The machinery we’ve been able to purchase with the support of the County Durham Growth Fund is far more advanced than anything we were using previously and means we’re able to work in a far more exact and precise way.

Dr Gary Gibson

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