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Empowering County Durham Enterprises

At Business Durham, the successes achieved by local companies we have worked with are our proudest accomplishments. For over a decade, our experienced team has provided vital support to help businesses across County Durham realise their full potential and thrive. We take a hands-on, bespoke approach to empower companies at all stages of development and across industries to find their route to prosperous growth.

Image of the Business Engagement Team at Business Durham
Business Engagement Team at Business Durham

Support Tailored to Diverse Business Needs

Every company’s path to success is unique. We offer flexible support tailored to the diverse needs of businesses in County Durham:

For startups and entrepreneurs:

  1. Legal, financial and business planning advice

  2. Connections to mentors and business accelerators

  3. Access to coworking spaces, workshops and networking

  4. Raising investment and funding for new ventures

For developing and expanding companies:

  1. Scaling operations, supply chain and digital capabilities

  2. Recruitment, training and upskilling workforce

  3. Finding ideal office, lab or factory space

  4. Increasing productivity and competitiveness

For innovators and tech companies:

  1. Connecting with R&D partners to develop new products

  2. Utilising shared prototype labs and maker spaces

  3. Commercialisation and route-to-market strategies

  4. Intellectual property and licensing guidance

For relocating and international companies:

  1. Promoting County Durham opportunities globally

  2. Site selection, planning liaisons and launch support

  3. Accessing talent, networks and public funding

  4. Ongoing aftercare assistance

Spotlight: Success Stories Across Sectors

At Business Durham, we’ve been instrumental in guiding numerous companies toward achieving success through a diverse array of avenues. Our assistance ranges from facilitating inward investment for businesses to securing ideal premises within County Durham. Additionally, we provide vital support in innovation, offer expert advice on business engagement, and much more.

The companies we have supported cover diverse industries and business models. Among these success stories are:

Dyman Advanced Materials, which, with the backing of the County Durham Growth Fund, has made significant investments in cutting-edge machinery such as a laser cutter, a furnace, and a polishing kit.

AAA Caring Caretaker, also known as The Caring Caretaker, established by Richard Tucker in 2015, has been situated at Aycliffe Business Park and received a grant of £100k to relocate to Bowburn.

Achieving Lasting Growth

Ensuring sustained growth over the long term is our ultimate focus. We provide consistent support as companies scale to help them:

  1. Continuously improve productivity, processes and capabilities

  2. Stay competitive through technology adoption, skills development and innovation

  3. Build resilience by accessing new domestic and export markets

  4. Develop strong leadership and plan for succession transitions

By evolving with companies at every stage, we help turn initial successes into lasting prosperity. Our individualised approach means no business gets left behind.

Unlocking the Potential of County Durham

Every business has untapped potential waiting to be unlocked. As your trusted partner, Business Durham can help your company progress to the next level and realise your full possibilities for growth.

If you have an idea that needs nurturing, a product that needs launching, or an established company aiming to expand, we have the connections, resources and expertise to help make it happen.

Get in touch today to explore how we can support your strategic goals and priorities. Let’s build your success story together.


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