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Warriors prepare for battle during Kynren rehearsals in County Durham

Kynren’s cast and crew have been training with the show’s experienced choreographers to master the art of war ahead of the first show on Saturday 27th July. 

Combat rehearsals ready for Kynrens 2024 opening
Combat rehearsals ready for Kynrens 2024 opening

Volunteers involved in combat scenes help to tell the epic tale of England which follows 2,000 years of history on a seven-and-a-half-acre outdoor stage, featuring a 1,000 strong cast and crew. 


To prepare for Kynren’s upcoming summer season of shows, the production’s team of skilful choreographers have been working with the volunteers, to help the cast portray some of Britain’s bloodiest battles which feature in the Bishop Auckland production. 


Rhys McGurk is a member of one of the show’s combat teams, and has grown up with the show after volunteering as a young Arthur in 2015 during Kynren’s first year. After starting at the age of seven, he now plays a gladiator and has continued to learn a broad spectrum of combat skills during his Kynren journey.


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